I bent down to pick up my phone that slipped away to ground at the border of the front lawn. They are lined with blooms of pink cosmos. Looking up from the crouching position, the flowers seemed struggling to reach the sun.

“I hate weekends. I am tired of socializing. All I want to do is snuggle up on my couch on a Friday night and watch something on the screen. I don’t care.”

I once lamented to a close friend who is dreary, reserved, focused, and tough.

Listening to my peeve patiently for an hour, she said in despair;

“You are highly dormant. You do not have any problems in life. Do you want to hear practical problems? I am worried about paying salary to my staff on the first of next month, do you have any idea how many families are dependent on me? Now stop complaining like a baby and count on your privileges.”

Admittedly, I put an end to my whining though I held on to the couch snuggling.

This person is highly opinionated, always on her feet and rigid. She follows her heart and does what is true to her belief thus cleansing herself on a regular basis. One cannot expect an emotional embrace from her even when needed. Her frankness often prevents me from confiding especially when I prefer to stay away from the reality. She is right most of the times.

People are quite apprehensive to be in her company. Her close bunch would just be a handful who would inarguably remain with her forever.

Caller — “Hi, are you busy?”

Receiver — “I was just between some chores but that’s OK, we can talk.”

Caller — “I called to let you know that I will be dropping by this evening.”

Suppressing her obnoxious tone with a snigger, she responded,

Receiver — “Oh Sure, It’s been long since we have met. Let me know if there is any change of plans. Otherwise, see you in the evening.”

The responder, another friend of mine, is one who has her own stand, but highly compliant, always chirpy, spreads joy around and inspirational. Anyone would love to be in her company. She always lends her listening ears to others and entertain people with her wits and warmth.

She had to give up her plans of a cooking experiment, some shopping and a family night due to the phone call because the word “No” doesn’t exist in her dictionary. This accommodating nature supersedes her personal interests many a times.

Her alacrity is misunderstood as her true self. She confessedly calls herself a people-pleaser.

My cosmos looked dull and obscure underneath and amazingly pink, pretty and attractive from the top. It is the flip-side that upholds the flower.

When her resilience helped my first friend thrive a brighter core, for my second friend, altruism is the key to her brighter exterior.

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